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Sherianna Boyle

Topic: Emotional Detox
Free Gift: Audio Meditation 

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Sherianna Boyle is an international, Emotional Detox Coach®, author of eight books, including her most recent Emotional Detox and Emotional Detox for Anxiety. She has a Masters in Education as well as a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study in School Psychology from the University of Massachusetts, Boston.  Sherianna has been featured in over eighty-five articles, and a featured presenter for renowned organizations such as: PESI® Behavioral and Mental Health Education, Kripalu Health & Yoga Center, 1440 Multiversity University and more. Her book, The Four Gifts of Anxiety, was endorsed by the National Association of Mental Health. She is an adjunct Psychology Professor and founder of Emotional Detox Coaching® servicing clients (of all ages background and abilities) virtually world wide. She is the co-founder of, which features her CLEANSE Yoga® virtual video collection, Emotional Detox courses and Corporate Wellness.  Sherianna is a featured expert on Simple Habit App, and host of  Emotional Detox Radio Show on She is married to her home town hubby, KB raising three daughters, living her best CLEANSElife! 

Sherianna Boyle Detox Virtual Retreat